1. howtobeterrell:


    my heart!

    I just want the dick one night..with his homophobic ass

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  2. raunchster:

    Kane is apparently suggesting a sausage BBQ.

    London. UK.

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  4. hotrussianmen:

    Sergey Mironov A.K.A Serge Henir.

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  6. drwannabe:

    Logan Barnhart by Ulrich Oehmen

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  9. lockedndenied:


    Me ;-) Please share! Maybe I can find my mistress this way ;-)

    By the way… The more you share it, the more you can motivate me to stay locked up ;-)

    1 LIKE = 1 day of chastity

    2 REBLOG = 3 days of chastity

    Be my locked boi lover!

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